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Outage Reporting: 1.800.410.4790

*Proposed Rate Tariffs can be found here*



To report an outage, please call the Outage Reporting Number at 1.800.410.4790 or use your SmartHub app.

Energy Efficiency Information

Break down your energy usage in your home to pinpoint your opportunities for savings. The Energy Resource Center features several energy calculators to help you become more energy efficient.

Please visit Old Dominion Electric Cooperative's Energize Efficiently page for more details on energy efficiency. You can also visit for more Touchstone Energy Tips!

You can use the ENERGY STAR Refrigerator Savings Calculator to see what your current refrigerator costs to operate and how much you can save by switching to an ENERGY STAR appliance.

For more information, about Maryland's programs and incentives, please visit Maryland's Energy Administration and check out the Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

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