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Farm Irrigation Tariff


Here at Choptank Electric, we value our members’ feedback and have developed a new rate based on what you have said fits your needs best in regards to irrigation.

The Farm Irrigation (FI) rate is for seasonal farm irrigation members, and is designed to correspond to usage patterns of irrigation systems. This rate has different billing components for summer and winter months. Summer billing months include May through October, inclusively. Winter billing months include November through April, inclusively. During the summer months, you will be billed the following charges: consumer, horsepower, energy, max demand, and RKVAHr.  During the winter months, you will be billed the following charges: consumer, horsepower, energy, RKVAHr, and Coincident Peak (CP) demand. Only if kilowatt hour usage exceeds 499 during your monthly billing cycle will a max demand charge occur during the winter months. Coincident peak demand measures the member’s use of the capacity that is coincident with the monthly Delmarva zonal peak and is used to bill purchase power demand by our wholesale power provider, Old Dominion Electric Cooperative (ODEC).  

The horsepower charge is based on the horsepower of your system. You can avoid the CP demand by having zero load on your meter during the winter billing months. If you do place load on your meter during the winter billing period, you can attempt to avoid the CP demand by not running during load control hours. Load control information is available on our web-site at or by calling our Load Control Hotline at 1-800-672-0484.

View the Choptank Electric Rate Tariff for this option. If interested, please complete the opt-in form. The form can be mailed to:

Choptank Electric Cooperative, Inc.,
Attn: Irrigation Rate
PO Box 430
Denton, MD 21629


emailed to Once your opt-in form is received and reviewed, we will contact you as to your eligibility. Thank you.


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