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Outage Reporting: 1.800.410.4790

If you are experiencing an outage, use your SmartHub app or call our Outage Reporting Number at 1.800.410.4790

Meter Sockets

Meter sockets approved for use on the Choptank Electric Cooperative system for individuals having new services installed on the co-op system or having existing services replaced. 

The following meter sockets are approved for use: 

200 Amp 1 Phase 1 Position
Cutler Hammer UHI-RS213B-CVCH
Milbank U7040-RL-KK-DPL
Durham UHI-RS213BCV
Midwest UHI-RS213B-CVMEP
Square D UHI-RS213B-CVSQD 

200 Amp, 1 Phase, 1 Position, Network, 5th Terminal 9 o'clock
Durham UI-H5213U-CV
Milbank U9551-X-DPL
Siemens/Landis & Gyr 44305-02CV
Cutler Hammer UI-H5213U-CVCH
Midwest UI-H5213U-CVMEP
Square UI-H5213U-CVSQD

320 Amp 1 Phase 1 Position (residential use only)
Cutler Hammer 1009444-ECH
Milbank U1729-X-DPL
Siemens/Landis & Gyr 47604-02-CV
Durham 1009444
Midwest 1009444-MEP
Square D 11009444-SQD 

400 Amp 1 Phase 1 Position
Siemens/Landis & Gyr 9810-8521 

600 Amp 1 Phase 1 Position
Siemens/Landis & Gyr 9810-9507
Milbank U4664-X-8522-DPL

​200 Amp 3 Phase 1 Position
​Durham UI-H7213U-CV
Milbank U4029-X-DPL
Cutler Hammer UI-H7213U-CVCH
Siemens/Landis&Gyr 44307-02CV

400 Amp 3 Phase 1 Position
Siemens/Landis & Gyr 9817-8526
Milbank U4667-X-8043 

600 Amp 3 Phase 1 Position
Landis & Gyr 9817-9802
Milbank U4667-X-8043-DPL
Cutler Hammer CH9506K7 

400 Amp 1 Phase 2 Position (underground service)
Cutler Hammer UHI-2R2332A-CVCH
Milbank UAP1252-X-KK-K3-DPL
Siemens/Landis & Gyr UA2717-PPCV
Durham UHI-2R2332A-CV
Midwest UHI-2R2332A-CVMEP
Square D UHI-2R2332A-CVSQD 

800 Amp 1 Phase 4 Position (underground service)
Cutler Hammer UHI-4R2352A-CVCH
Milbank U1254-X-KK-K3-DPL
Durham UHI-4R2352A-CV 

1200 Amp 1 Phase 6 Position (underground service)
Cutler Hammer UHI-6R2392A-CVCH
Milbank U1256-X-KK-K4-DPL
Siemens/Landis & Gyr UA6719-PPCV
Durham UHI-6R2392A-CV
Midwest UHI-6R2392A-CVMEP
Square D UHI-6R2392A-CVSQD 

CT Cabinet
Milbank 363612-CT3R (36")
     484812-CT3R (48")

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