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Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) FAQs

What are Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)? Also called Green Tags or Tradable Renewable Certificates, RECs are certificates issued by certified agencies to a power company which utilizes environmentally friendly methods to generate electricity.

What are some sources of "Green Power"? Sources include solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, biodiesel, some fuel cells and low impact hydropower.

Why should I purchase Renewable Energy Credits? By purchasing RECs members can say they support "green energy". Renewable energy sources can be used to produce electricity with fewer environmental impacts. They also have the benefit of being abundant and available in some capacity nearly everywhere. Purchasing RECs provides certification from the marketplace that the blocks of power for which you paid extra come from a green power source.

How much will the RECs cost? The RECs will cost $0.20 per 100 kWh block. There is a minimum purchase of one block and no maximum. For example, to purchase 4 blocks of Renewable Energy Credits, at $0.20 per block, the cost will be $0.80 for a total of 400 kWh.

How do I purchase Renewable Energy Credits? You may contact the cooperative toll-free 1-877-892-0001 and tell the representative you wish to purchase RECs or visit one of our district offices. You will be asked to provide information so the representative may complete the participant form and you will receive a confirmation letter with the details of your purchase.

What happens if I don't want to purchase RECs any longer? The purchase of RECs requires a one-year commitment. If you change your mind before the end of the contract year, you will still be obligated for the contracted REC purchase and will be billed accordingly each month. If you move off the cooperative system, are disconnected for non-payment or are otherwise no longer a member, you will still be obligated for the contracted REC purchase and the amount will be reflected on your final bill.

What happens at the end of the contract period of one year and what do I have to do? Your contract will be automatically renewed each year.  If you wish to discontinue purchasing RECs after 1 year, you can contact the Cooperative at or by calling our Member Service Center, Monday - Friday between 8:00am - 4:30pm, at 1.877.892.0001.

Will my electric bill be lower if I purchase RECs? No. The cost of $0.20 per block of Wind RECs is in addition to the amount billed based on your energy consumption for the billing period and will show on your electric bill as a separate line item charge. Your electric bill will increase based on the amount of "green power" you purchase.

Do I receive a certificate for the amount of RECs I have purchased? You will receive a commitment letter indicating the amount of RECs you have requested. There will be a separate line item on the bill each month reflecting the additional cost of $0.20 per block you have purchased.     

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