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Outage Reporting: 1.800.410.4790

If you are experiencing an outage, use your SmartHub app or call our Outage Reporting Number at 1.800.410.4790

Before You Dig: Get in the Know!

811 is a federally-mandated national "Call Before You Dig" phone number designated by the FCC to eliminate the confusion of multiple "Call Before You Dig" numbers.

One easy phone call to 811 quickly begins the process of getting underground utility lines marked. Local One Call Center personnel will then notify affected utility companies, who will send crews to mark underground lines for free.

Knowing where underground utility lines are buried before a digging project begins helps to prevent injury, expense, and penalties. The depth of utility lines may vary and multiple utility lines may exist in one area. Even simple digging jobs can damage utility lines and can disrupt vital services to an entire neighborhood, harm those who dig, and result in expensive fines and repair costs. Marked lines shows those who dig the approximate location of underground lines and helps prevent undesired consequences.

Call 811 or visit for more information!

Miss Utility of Delmarva 

Miss Utility is a service organization that assists in locating underground cables prior to excavation work.

If you are planning any digging or excavation, please be sure to call MISS UTILITY toll free at at 1-800-441-8355 .

Remember to call 1-800-441-8355 48 to 72 hours before you begin work. A call may be the difference between safe completion of your project and a tragedy. It may also save you the cost of repairing a damaged underground cable. Even if your electric service runs overhead, call Miss Utility: the same regulations apply to other utility services.

Learn more by visiting  




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